Our Mission

The work of an engineer includes a wide variety of activities. While having a contemporary view over architectural matters, we primarily look into the functionality and the static competency of our buildings. Having a proper design/study, conducting a detailed plan and being constantly up-to-date, is what enables us to have the best results. These results should satisfy our clients but also us, as planners.

The way we work

We are lucky! We are doing our dream job; So we do not mind investing long hours. We take advantage of the fact that we are all very different and try to make the most of our various interests and talents. For us cooperation is imperative, so we work as a close group always discussing and negotiating our agreements and disagreements, a process which makes us more effective in our job. Our relationship with our clients is also tailor made. Constantly discussing and negotiating anything that may occur, we believe that any collaboration may be fruitful. We welcome challenges!


Who we are